Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Are You An E-Mail Addict?

If you thought you were the only obsessive compulsive that checks e-mail morning, noon and night --- think again.

Opinion Research Corporation and AOL surveyed 4000 people in 20 US cities and found that e-mail now rivals the phone as the communication tool of choice. Most people check their personal e-mail accounts 3 times a day and have more than one account.

Do you see yourself in this data?

61% check personal e-mail at work
60% check while on vacation
47% check e-mail sporadically throughout the day
41% check e-mail first thing in the morning
40% check e-mail in the middle of the night
25% check e-mail as soon as they get to work
23% check while in bed
18% check right after dinner
18% check at lunch time
14% check immediately on returning from work
14% check before going to bed
12% check while in class

If only the messages we got were as dramatic as these numbers.


Blogger Todd said...

I'm over the frequency of checking email but into the uniqueness of the location. Bathroom email checking is my flaw!

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Frances said...

My name is Frances and I am an email addict.
I found your blog on nycblogger

12:23 AM  

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