Sunday, May 22, 2005

Spam Filters Spark A Creative Revolution

Spam filters are driving a creative renaissance in direct marketing copywriting. As technologists set filters to exclude the most proven and the most effective words and phrases used to cue feelings of need and urgency, writers are being forced to change vocabulary, tone and phraseology.

Surprisingly this is not a bad development in spite of the fact that it has torpedoed long term control messages that have proven effective time after time. Though it is giving fits to firms that have lived off or over-relied on proven control messages to drive their businesses on autopilot.

The loss of “FREE”, “Act now”, “Try it today” and “Don’t Delay” is forcing direct marketers to use a conversational tone, a more personalized appeal and a more relevant messages, all of which have a reasonable chance to resonate with target audiences. To some extent, without these verbal crutches, copywriters have to work harder to get into the hearts and minds of those they hope to persuade. But this forced innovation is a blessing in disguise since getting through the Spam filters is the only realistic chance DMers have at maintaining predictable response rates.

In the cat-and-mouse game of e-mail deliverability, copy is just one factor. Yet if you can finesse the technical issues, copy is the most potent tool to generate awareness, interest and response. A forced revolution in phraseology can’t possibly be bad.

In fact loosing those effective, yet shop-worm terms and copy lines could save e-mail. Losing the phrases that prompt stored audio memories of cheesy announcers saying “Act Now Supplies are Limited” or Try it today and Save” can only give marketers increased credibility in a very skeptical, fragmented, attention-poor and filtered marketplace.


Blogger Grace said...

that's awesome, perhaps they will have to hire more writers that have new and more unique views

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A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the company's product plans.

If confirmed, the combined computer text and voice-calling service would put Google in competition with a similar service pioneered by Skype, which has attracted tens of millions of users, especially in Europe, to its own service.

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Earlier this week, Google said it was branching out beyond pure search to help users manage e-mail, instant messages, news headlines and music. It introduced a new service called the Google Sidebar, a stand-alone software program that sits on a user's desktop and provides "live" information updates.

Over the past year or so, the company has expanded into e-mail, online maps, personalized news and more.

The product push comes as rivals Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Time Warner Inc.'s AOL are all pushing to upgrade existing instant messaging systems and expand into new Internet phone-calling services.

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